24/7 transport service ensures your downtime is minimal

When you’ve got a breakdown or shutdown on your hands and time is of the essence, our *24 hour emergency service, ensures your downtime is minimal.

No matter what time of the day, or what day of the week, we can get your goods collected and delivered when ever they’re ready to go.

Minimal fuss, minimal downtime, maximum service.

Screamers and Hotshots

Expressway Transport - We Know UrgentScreamers

When it simply had to be there yesterday, call us for a **Screamer**.

We understand the meaning of the word “urgent”, it’s what we pride ourselves on and the foundation of our courier service.

All our customers’ goods are priority, but when you’re pushing a deadline, consider a screamer…

**Screamers** are priority pickups.

Your booking is received and dispatched to the first and nearest available driver, who collects your goods and delivers them direct to your customer.

And we mean DIRECT! :

He does not stop to pick up or drop off any other customer’s items along the route.

Your items are delivered door to door in the quickest possible time, saving you business.

CALL US When your product needs to be couriered or urgently anywhere within the Perth metropolitan and surrounding suburbs.


Hotshots are our **screamers* for country destinations.

Our Hotshot service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

When your business depends on a reliable on call urgent courier service to Perth country destinations, then we have you covered.

Our experienced courier drivers will collect your Hotshot delivery on call and deliver direct to its destination in the shortest possible time and in accordance with the law of course.

No Hotshot request is too small or too big. We have Hotshot vans, utes, flatbed, tautliners, power tail lifts and even access to Semi’s. When you’re looking for a Hotshot courier to any Western Australian country destination, for your urgent delivery, then look no further.

We’re the Hotshot Specialists.