Taxi Trucks, Tautliners and Tail Lifts

2 to 12 tonne Taxi Trucks

When you’re load needs something larger, we’ve got a Taxi Truck to suit your needs.

We have 2 to 12 tonne flatbed and tautliners for all types of freight requirements that are available for short or long term hire.

Competitive hourly rates, experienced drivers, GPS tracking and dedication to excellence, are just a few of the things that set us apart from the rest.

If your company freight vehicle costs are getting out of hand, consider utilising Expressway Transport to collect or deliver your product. You’ll find the cost can be much less than utilising your own vehicles fuel and staffs time, you’re better equipped to service the needs of your customers.

We’re an Ad-hoc company, meaning that in most instances, you can offer your customers same day delivery or a time frame that is convenient for them and not subject to your limitations.

Great service is what sets you apart from the rest and keeps your customers returning.

Think smart and let us help streamline your transportation needs. Our experienced staff would be pleased to assist you in all areas to help you cut costs and satisfy all your transport requirements.


When your product needs to be protected from the elements then a Tautliner is the vehicle to suit your needs.

The convenience of a tautliner is its unique curtain tarping that can be moved to the side to allow side loading of pallets and other bulkier items.

It should be noted however that items transported in this manner are predominately on pallets. and while the vehicles are gated, loads are not secured with ropes and ties as with tarped flatbed vehicles.

If you’re items need to be secured then please speak to our staff about alternative vehicles to suit your needs.

Expressway Transport - Power Tail LiftsPower Tail Lifts

Power tail lifts are hydraulically assisted enabling the loading of bulky and heavy items onto the back of vehicles with relative ease.

When you require the added convenience of a power tail lift, give our friendly team a call.

We have power tail lift trucks available from 2 tonne upwards.